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"I have learned so much from this training, not just about the physical obstacles but also about my mental strength. I walked up to the first session scared and absolutely positive I couldn't do anything physical. This group has taught me that not only can I accomplish these physical obstacles, but also that they will catch me when I falter. Now I can walk up to an obstacle, whether on the course or in real life, and mentally know that I can do handle them."


Since finding a home with Mission Peak Spartans I have been able to increase my strength and skills to continue to participate in OCR races at the ripe old age of 55. With Ty’s positive and non-intimidating approach to training I continue to grow and learn about health and safe training to help me improve my skills. Saturday's Obstacle training classes have helped me to climb the 18-foot rope and get over the wall and push myself harder which is a great achievement. Great people, great training, love it.


"I have been attending Spartan training for a couple months now. My daughter talked me into it and I have found great enjoyment in it. My daughter and I do the training together and she pushes me to do more. Because of this, I have had a first in my life. People have been telling how good it look and asking if I work out. That never happened before. I too have noticed I am much more toned and I have more energy to tackle my day. Although I haven't yet competed in a race, my goal is to be as healthy as possible. I want to be able to still move around when I'm 80."


When I did my first Spartan Race in April of 2017, it took me almost 3 hours to complete a sprint. I was overweight, out of shape, and lacked direction.


I met Ty a few weeks later when I showed up for a Spartan SGX class at work. Soon after, I made a trip to Fremont to check out Mission Peak Spartans. I figured I might drop in every now and then.

Fast forward to now, I lost 50 lbs, have completed over 30 races including a 30+ mile Spartan Ultra, and became a certified Spartan Coach. I found a community of like-minded people who I am proud  and grateful to call my family and also met my best friend. 


It's no exaggeration to say that Mission Peak Spartans has changed my life. I'm so thankful to have found this place and these people, and plan to continue to give back and be a part of this amazing community that has given me so much for many years to come. 


I've only been to one event, the New Year New You Obstacle Race, but the place was really cool. The obstacles are homemade, but for the most part very close to what you see at a Spartan race. If you're looking for a spot to train for OCR in the Fremont area, I'd recommend Mission Peak Spartans.


"I was tired of the big gym classes – and so glad I found Ty’s classes. The workouts are challenging but still fun. The exercises and obstacles are different everytime so I’m learning something new every class and I’m never bored. I like that free weights are also used during the class. I can still also work at my own pace but also I’m reminded to keep on moving. And best of all, I’m glad for the personal attention when it comes to maintaining good form. I’ve definitely gotten stronger and improved my endurance since coming to Ty’s classes."

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