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MEET our coaches


Ty Rawlinson

Owner, Head Coach

Ty is the owner, head coach, and architect behind the amazing MPS course.


Learn more about Ty.



SGX coach

T's specialty is group fitness, especially for beginners who may not want to do a Spartan Race just yet.


Learn more about T.


Joe Bala

SGX Coach

Joe has his own successful Spartan Training program, and partners with MPS to enhance his clients training and put on awesome obstacle based events.


Learn more about Joe. 

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Christie McKiernan

Ops Manager, SGX Coach

Christie started training with Ty after she had to do 180 burpees in her first race. Now she helps other people avoid burpees.


Learn more about Christie. 

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Peter Tapao

SGX Coach

Pete works with Spartans of all ages, including kids looking to become Spartans when they grow up.


Learn more about Pete. 


Andrea Kiwala

Running Coach

Andrea is a certified running coach focused on helping you run better. After all, Spartan isn't all obstacles. 

Learn more about Andrea. 

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