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Peter Tapao
SGX Coach
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My first Health and Wellness experience started off as a Front Desk employee in Island Gym in 1998 working part time. I was responsible for opening the gym at 4:30am. At that time, I had greater ambitions beyond working at the gym. I wanted to make a living in Electronic engineering, which I was studying at DeVry University in 2002.

After graduation I took a trip to the Philippines where my whole perspective about life changed. The Philippines is a third world country and people are just trying to survive, it's a struggle every day. I watched my people, my own family, who had nothing, happily share what little the did have with me. This was a truly humbling realization and a lesson that changed my life.

After my trip to the Philippines I was motivated to pursue a career that allowed me to follow my new-found passion and purpose of empowering people. Fast Forward to now and I've done just that. I've been a personal trainer and outdoor fitness and group exercise instructor for 15 plus years, and have many clients who stay with me for 4 – 6 years. I'm very humbled to have satisfied customers and full classes of happy students. I'm continually advancing my career in an effort to build a healthy community, to establish great relationships, and open myself to new possibilities for growth.

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