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coach christie

Christie McKiernan
Ops Manager, 
SGX Coach

Christie completed her first Spartan Race in April of 2017, barely. She took almost three hours to finish the San Jose Sprint, had to do nearly 200 penalty burpees, and is pretty sure she’s the only person to fail the non-obstacle of the starting corral wall. For some inexplicable reason, 2 ​days after her near-death experience with a Spartan Sprint, Christie signed up for the Monterey Super, but this time, she decided to train for it. It was then that she met Coach Ty and his Mission Peak Spartan community, and the rest is history.

Since then Christie has completed nearly 30 races, including her first Ultra in October 2018. It’s not an overstatement to say that Spartan has changed her life. Since that first sprint in San Jose Christie has lost over 50 lbs, rekindled her love for being an active athlete, and became a certified personal fitness trainer and Spartan SGX Coach.


In becoming a Spartan Coach Christie hopes she can teach and inspire other people to push beyond their perceived limits and help them learn to overcome the literal and metaphorical obstacles that life puts in their path. Her approach to Spartan training and coaching mirrors her approach to life. She embraces the Spartan pillars of grit, resilience, and teamwork as guiding principles both on the course and off. Her obstacle specialties are grip strength, grip endurance, and advanced obstacle technique. 

Her certifications include PFT from NESTA, SGX Lvl1 from Spartan, and CPR/AED from EMS Safety.

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