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MPS Challenger Series

Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


When we asked our members what they wanted us to add (besides more obstacles,) we noticed a theme. Many of the ideas were centered around pushing themselves and each other, having goals to work towards, and being able to do it alongside the other members of our MPS community. Part of our response to this request is the creation of the MPS Challenger Series. The Challenger series is a series of goals, achievements, events, and more, that's meant to challenge you. Participation in events and working towards achievements will earn you points. Additional points will be awarded based on performance. Then, at the end of the calendar year, we'll total everyone's points. You'll need a total of 5,000 points or more for the Challenger year 1 open and 10,000 for Challenger year 1 elites. Everyone who hits their point goal receives a T-shirt, medal, and MPS trifecta wedge piece. Please keep in mind, these online steps are for you to be able to easily see where you stand at any point and connect with others in the program. In order to get credit for any of these things, you must get signoff from one of the SGX coaches.

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MPS Challenger Series

MPS Challenger Series

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