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MPS Agoge

Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


In Sparta, the Agoge was a rigorous education and training program used to create the soldiers that we now know as Spartans. In Fremont, the Agoge is a commitment to self improvement and embodying Spartan values that defines the community we now know as MPs. To complete the Agoge you’ll need to reach challenging but attainable milestones throughout the year. These milestones have both standard and elite ranks so that everyone has something to strive for regardless of skill or fitness level. All finishers receive a medal, shirt, and digital badge here on the site. When completing challenges, keep in mind you only need to complete EITHER the open or elite version of the achievement, not both. Please keep in mind, these online steps are for you to be able to easily see where you stand at any point and connect with others in the program. In order to get credit for any of these things, you must get signoff from one of the SGX coaches. Learn more about the Agoge:

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MPS Agoge 2021

MPS Agoge 2021

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