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Community. Strength. Inspiration.

Mission Peak Spartans finisher photo at the Sacramento Spartan Super.

Mission Peak Spartans is a growing community looking to overcome obstacles together both out on the race course, and in life. 

  • Over 30+ Obstacles just like the ones you'll see at a Spartan Race

  • SGX certified coaches to help you learn new techniques and reach your goals

  • A diverse, friendly, and active community who trains and races together throughout the year. 

  • Open course hours for those who want to "do their own thing" and practice specific obstacles. 

  • A COD (course of the day) for people looking to replicate race conditions in their training. 

  • Small group fitness classes great for Spartans AND non-Spartans alike. 

  • Exciting programs complete with events, medals, and more. 

  • Flexible pricing for different levels of training and skill levels.  

Spartan athlete conquering the MPS multi-rig obstacle.
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